About Us

Carbon Saving Group one of the leading companies in the South West for Energy Efficiency with over 40 Years of combined experience in the field of energy saving. Putting it simply our overall aim is to help domestic homeowners, tenants or landlords reduce there energy costs and as a result also reduce their carbon emissions. We will do this by helping the customer to understand, chose and install the latest renewable products that best suits their individual needs and most importantly produces the highest energy efficiency saving for that property.

Reducing your carbon footprint is becoming more important to ordinary people in homes across the world. Through media sources and reliable research people are becoming aware of what climate change is and what we need to do for our world we live in to ensure its future sustainability for generations to come. People are wanting and facing the fact that we all need to do our bit by reducing our own carbon footprint no matter how small.

It is a fact energy is getting more expensive to generate, population are increasing and world resources are being used at a staggering rate. With these high demands comes higher bills. Carbon Saving Group helps each individual understand their home better, what their family needs are, and are confident we can make the right recommendation’s to firstly reduce their bills but in the process reduce their carbon footprint.