LPG Boilers

Did you know that heating and hot water in your home can account up to 62% of your yearly energy bill? With the chilly winter at our door, some of us will be worried about how to stay warm. By installing a brand new LPG boiler into your home you can cut the costs of keeping your home warm. You can then use the savings from your brand new LPG boiler for other important costs around the Christmas period. We also have free grants available for eligible homeowners. Give us a call today or fill out our form to see if you qualify for a free grant.

What Exactly Is An LPG Boiler?

If you are off the main gas grid, you may find yourself using other sources to heat your home. An LPG boiler burns Liquid Petroleum Gas to produce hot water. The cost of this method is usually cheaper than the conventional mains gas.

Manufacturers Of LPG Boilers

Popularity of LPG boilers has increased and so have the manufacturers. Trusted manufacturers such as Baxi, Worcester and Valiant (and more!) all provide LPG boilers suitable for your homes needs,

How Long Does Is The Process Including Installation?

The installation itself usually takes one or two days depending on the complexity of the job. On acceptance of customer quote, we aim to have your installation finished within 14 days.

Green Energy

For those of us who care about our planet and our future, you’ll be happy to know that LPG boilers are quiet with little to no soot, while emitting around 20% less co2 per kw/h than an oil boiler heating your home.

What Is The Cost Of A New LPG Boiler?

LPG boilers typically start at usually around £1400. The savings on your energy bills will usually make up the initial cost of installing the boiler. There are free grants available to reduce this initial cost of installation.

Will It Work With My Thermostat?

LPG boilers are not much different than a typical mains gas boiler where it comes to thermostatic controls. Thermostats are designed to help you save even more money by only using your boiler when it is needed. LPG boilers are compatible with most thermostats

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