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3 Phase EV Charging

We supply and install 3 phase EV charging systems for commercial clients in the South West and throughout the UK. Our charging stations are designed to supply power to a number of electrical vehicles rapidly and efficiently. The need for EV charging systems is becoming increasingly important for workplaces, public car parks and businesses. In fact, corporations who install EV charging stations are more likely to retain clients, as well as see a growth in the level of new customers.

Additionally, having EV charging stations on your site demonstrates a commitment to looking after the planet, which is an excellent cause for your company to support. In turn, this can help to create a positive brand image towards sustainability. Installing EV chargers also enables your staff and customers with electric vehicles to travel to and from your establishment with ease. 

As new registered cars in the UK must be electric or zero-emission by 2035, now is an excellent time to consider installing EV charging stations to future proof your business.

What’s The Difference Between Single & 3 Phase EV Charging?

When it comes to EV charging, 3 phase power provides a superior and faster charge to electric vehicles than single phase. This is because 3 phase electricity distributes more power than single-phase supplies. Whilst single phase power is a two-wire circuit, 3 phase uses three wires to accommodate the need for a greater supply of electricity. Therefore, commercial or business sites are more suited to 3 phase power.

Benefits Of Electric Vehicle Charging For Businesses

Installing EV charging has a significant number of benefits for your business, customers, and the planet.
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Lower Energy Costs

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Pollution Reduction

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Positive Publicity

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Future proofing

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Green Future

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Customer Satisfaction

How Is EV Charging Good For The Environment?

According to the UK government website, the transport sector is the primary source of greenhouse gas emissions in Great Britain, with road vehicles accounting for 91%. Electric cars, however, are far more environmentally friendly than petrol or diesel powered vehicles. This is primarily because they do not emit any harmful emissions from their exhaust or run on fossil fuels. 

Making EV charging more accessible can encourage people to switch to owning electric cars. The more people who drive electric vehicles, the greater the impact on the environment will be.

Commercial work vans using 3 phase EV charging


Although it depends on a number of factors, 3 phase power can fully charge a vehicle in approximately three hours. In comparison, single phase EV charging can take up to nine hours to reach a full charge.

Ideally, yes. 3 phase electricity is essential for commercial industries as it can accommodate the need for a greater amount of power.

Choose Carbon Saving Group For 3 Phase EV Charging Installation

Contact the team at Carbon Savings Group today for 3 phase EV charging installations in the UK. If you have any questions regarding how to prepare your workplace or business for EV charging, we will be happy to help.

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