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Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panels

At Carbon Saving Group, we are experts at installing commercial solar panel systems to benefit both large and SME clients in the South West and throughout the UK. We provide solar PV and 3 phase battery storage installations across all industry sectors, offering expert advice and guidance for your specific system.

Solar energy can enable business owners to save thousands on their electricity bills, whilst also protecting the wider economy. Installing solar panels now can even fix your energy prices for up to 30 years. What’s more, they also help towards achieving your company’s environmental goals. They can even generate interest from new customers looking for businesses with a supply chain that have their green credentials in order.

With years of combined experience, our team guarantees the highest quality fittings for all our products, and we offer routine maintenance services to ensure your panels are functioning optimally.

How Can Solar Panels Benefit Your Business?

Installing solar PV has several positive advantages for your business and the environment, including:
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Reduce Costs

With electricity fees continually on the rise, solar PV is an effective, eco-friendly way to reduce your business’ energy costs. In turn, this may enable you to earn a higher profit or invest additional money into other areas of your company.​

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Boost Brand Image

As the Earth’s climate heats up, consumers are beginning to favour companies who strive to reduce their carbon footprint. Subsequently, actions such as installing solar panels can assist in creating a positive brand image. This can build customer trust and even enhance profitability.

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Sustainable Living

Solar panels transform solar light into renewable energy without using fossil fuels or creating harmful emissions. Using solar energy can significantly lower your carbon footprint and help create a greener future for our planet.

Commercial PV Installation

Installing commercial solar panels is a straightforward operation and is now more affordable than ever before. What’s more, you’ll begin to see their benefits as soon as they are installed. Our experienced team will be on hand throughout the entire process, from consultation, to design and installation.

Investing in renewable energy can develop your business to become more eco-friendly and energy independent. In turn, this can create a positive brand image, save you money, and preserve our planet for future generations.

Low Maintenance Systems​

Commercial solar panels provide a low maintenance source of renewable energy for businesses. In fact, they only require a professional service and clean once or twice per year to ensure they are working correctly. Although it is uncommon, bouts of bad weather can occasionally cause damage. However, this is usually easily resolved. As solar panels don’t require much maintenance and can greatly reduce your electricity bills, they are an extremely wise investment overall.

Carbon Saving Group also provides an end-to-end service including asset management for our commercial clients. 

Asset Management & maintenance services
Battery storage for commercial solar panels

3 Phase Battery Storage

We install 3 phase battery storage for commercial solar PV clients. This guarantees that your system can effectively power large appliances and machinery, as well as keep up with high energy demands. 3 phase systems deliver a greater, more powerful amount of energy in comparison to single phase systems. For this reason, 3 phase power is better suited to commercial establishments.


In a word, yes! Installing commercial solar panels can have significant money saving advantages. Please contact us to find out more.

The photovoltaic (PV) cells within a solar panel absorb light from the sun to generate usable electricity. When the electrons in the PV cells are exposed to sunlight, they begin to move. This produces an electric current from the positive and negative charges. The current is then converted into electricity and is distributed by wires to power your business.

Solar panels capture light from the sun all year round, even during rainy, stormy or cloudy weather. We will work with you to find the best position for your panels to ensure they catch as much light as possible.

Choose Carbon Saving Group For Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Contact our experienced team today to learn more about the advantages of solar PV for your company.

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