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Carbon Footprint

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Are we all making inadvertent changes that could help to save our planet – thanks to Covid? We explore how most of the generic ways to cut our carbon footprint are becoming part of our every day lives.

Unless you live under a rock you will have heard all about climate change and the effect it is having on our planet. We might be currently preoccupied with a global pandemic, but what if this has inadvertently encouraged us all to live a little more green.

Whilst the news channels were busy keeping us updated with the (quite frankly) terrifying rising death toll, on the flip side we were provided with a lighter angle highlighting how wildlife were reclaiming their stake in our urban jungle. Dolphins were spotted in Venice canal, sheep hung out on roundabouts and for the first time this millennium, city slickers were treated to star gazing.

Now that we have all seen and felt the benefits of lowering emissions, what can we do to help sustain this. We’ve put together so top hints and tips to help maintain lower carbon emissions, from an energy saving perspective.

Hints and Tips

Check your energy tariff is using renewables where possible.

Don’t forget to change up your lightbulbs to energy saving ones.

Check you are running an efficient heating system – you can book a survey with our team to check this.

Insulate – keep the heat in your home instead of it evaporating through cavities and lofts, there are many new products available to maximise your homes efficiency – speak to a member of our team today to find out more.

Invest in smart controls to maintain an ambient temperature without over spending.

If you are not in the market for an electric vehicle just yet, why not invest in an electric bicycle to help speed up your morning commute.

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