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How to Subsidise Going Green When Heating Your Home

Funding your home for green energy through government schemes is a great way to cut costs and help the environment.

In a perfect world, we’d all have solar panels fitted on our homes. Unfortunately, the initial installation costs money and not all of us can afford this expense.

However, there are organisations and schemes in place to help towards the goal of a completely sustainable, carbon-neutral society.

As a result, Carbon Energy Group has put together a comprehensive guide explaining the different routes you can take to fund solar panel installations on your property.

The Price Cap

Green Energy Grants

Before looking into support schemes and especially loans for funding your green energy endeavours, it’s important to look at grants first.

There are a variety of grants out there, from government-backed incentives to private providers.

However, grants usually are provided to those that need them most. Specifically, the Energy Company Obligation or ECO4 scheme. This looks to help low-income households and very low-energy-efficient homes finance green energy within their property.

If you think you may be eligible for grants from this scheme, you can follow the link here to begin the process. A grant is the most cost-effective way to fund green installations, as it requires little to no monetary input from the homeowner.

Funding Green Energy with Support Schemes

Support schemes belong to the same incentive as grants. They generally tend to focus more broadly on all homes, providing partial financial help and trusted installers.

RHI for example is a great scheme backed by the government, to promote renewable heat. Generally, the funding for this is provided through compensation for using certain technologies such as biomass boilers. The initial installation may be funded by personal cost however you could be paid out quarterly for up to 7 years.

Support schemes focus on continual reimbursements for sustaining renewable technologies. Unlike grants that are a one-off installation payment, using a support scheme could see long-term investments reimbursed for even more financial help than the initial installation cost.

Loans for Funding Green Energy

The joy of renewable, sustainable green energy is that funding it can pay off in the long term. Initial installation of most technologies can be costly, but you’ll be looking at huge savings over the years of use.

Solar panels, for example, can even produce enough energy to sell back to the grid. It’s important to look at renewable energy as an investment for long-term growth, not only in your household but the earth around you too.

As a result, funding green energy through loans, such as the ones provided by the Green Deal, could not only save you money on monthly energy but once paid off, you could even see profits on installations.

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