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We love the great outdoors and trying new things, so here are a few of our favourite new hobbies we’ll be testing out this summer…

If there is a positive to have come out of the past year it is that most of us have taken up a new hobby. According to an ONS report, the biggest uplift was seen in gardening/DIY a whopping 147%. Considering that was closely followed by personal care, we are assuming that the 100%* uplift in hot tub sales last year might have something to do with that.

Many exacerbated parents thanked Joe Wicks for his home ‘PE’ workouts, that killed at least an hour of the day! Whilst others ventured to the back of the shed to dig out their trusty old bicycle. Regaining a passion for the great outdoors has been a silver lining for most of us and not having to commute has impacted the amount of time we can dedicate to a new hobby.

Here are some of our favourite new green hobbies to try:

Grow your own
Nothing beats fresh fruit and veg, if you haven’t planted some already there is still time. You can always start small with a window box of salad leaves.

Longboard dancing
Our Instagram feed has been buzzing with videos of this trend. It seems like everyone is giving it a go – from cool Californians to athletic South Africans, they’re all posting impressive moves. It’s definitely one to improve your balance; grab your vans and give it a go.

This is definitely our favourite. Perhaps not the newest of trends, but definitely up there with the most rising in popularity. If you haven’t tried Stand Up Paddleboarding yet, there are plenty of centres popping up along the coast.

Roller skating
A little bit like the skateboard version but with classic 80’s skates instead. Think, neon lycra and a pair of beats with your favourite tunes. Don’t forget the knee pads, just in case.

Wild swimming
Go on hands up, which of you made it all the way through the winter – without a wetsuit? We certainly didn’t, but it was worth the challenge. According to Outdoor Swimmer, during lockdown 45% of swimmers increased how much they swam outdoors.

We are very fortunate here in Plymouth, we have the coast and Dartmoor within easy reach. Now lockdown is lifting we can’t wait to get back out and enjoy a hike across the moors. A 10,000-step hike can burn around 400 calories, possibly more if you are speedy.

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