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Worcester Bosch smart controls

Smart Controls

Make your central heating system work for you, manage the temperature of your home from your phone, wherever you are.

Smart controls offer a lot more flexibility than a simple room thermostat. There are many benefits to modern technology – smart phones, on demand TV, even wifi on the London Underground. So it was only going to be a matter of time before you could control your central heating from your phone. 

Smart controls are not just about having the ability to whip out your phone in the middle of nowhere to adjust your home heating at the touch of a button, they are also capable of learning your schedule which is great for saving money and carbon emissions. 

There are many choices on the market, with variable price points, however the Nest 3rd generation smart thermostat control from google seems to be the hands down fav in most online forums and comparison sites. 

If you are looking for a device that can connect with multiple devices, even Alexa, then you won’t be disappointed. The Nest uses OpenTherm technology to ensure your boiler is not working double-time when it shouldn’t be, saving you money in the long run and helping the environment by cutting down your household emissions. It can also detect a CO leak and switch off your boiler to prevent risk to your family – now that is smart. 

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