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Use The Sun’s Power to Save on Your Bills | Funding For Green Energy

Solar panels absorbing sunlight

We’re all feeling the pinch from rising energy costs, so now is a great time to turn to sun power. Solar energy can give your home all the electricity you need while also reducing your carbon footprint. Solar panels are an excellent green source of energy. They’re easy to install and mean you’ll be producing […]

Ten Tips for a Greener Renovation Project

Green Renovation Banner

If you’re considering taking on a renovation project you will have certainly, at some point, been faced with its carbon footprint and how best to retrofit your home. But what exactly do we mean by that?  It is essentially about retaining the characteristics or charm of a building, whilst updating the functional side of it, […]

Are Air Source Heat Pump Efficiency Rates Affected By the Weather?

Air Source

More and more people are turning to green energy. Air source heat pump efficiency rates are four times better than traditional gas boilers. A heat hump can reduce your carbon footprint by about 44%, so it’s a great way to improve the environmental impact of your home. How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work? Put […]

Earth Day 2022

Family looking at forest

This Earth Day we are thinking about what we can do to invest in our planet. Here at Carbon Saving Group, we have been moving towards providing a whole-house approach when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. We started the company seven years ago to meet the growing need to… This Earth Day we are […]

Government Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Install Renewable Energy To Your Home

Decarbonise your home with a £5k Government backed Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant. At the end of 2021 the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced its ‘Future Support for Low Carbon Heat: Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)’ grant. In recent weeks, Ofgem, the independent regulator for energy in Great… Decarbonise your home with a […]

The Energy Price Cap

The Price Cap

Energy prices are rapidly increasing due to the rising cost of fossil fuels. Not only has the cap level risen twice in the same year for the first time, but the level is at its highest ever point. Ofgem has announced that it will be raising the energy price cap… Energy prices are rapidly increasing […]

Summer Staycation

St Ives Cornwall Living

We all dream about the perfect summer holiday, even more so in the past year, but with uncertainty still preventing us from booking far flung destinations, we’ve re-discovered some of the top spots in the South West. We might not always have the great British weather on our side but… We all dream about the […]

Case Study; first-time central heating installation

Case Study Banner

Admiral’s Gate – Devonport. In January 2021 we identified 172 properties within one development in Plymouth that were not on mains gas. We applied, on their behalf, to draw down £260K of ECO3 funding to bring 133 of the homes inline with EPC criteria. In 2018 the government introduced a… Admiral’s Gate – Devonport. In […]

Gas Safety Week

Gas Safe Week

There are many reasons to promote Gas Safety Week but our main one for supporting it is to raise awareness of the importance of having an annual boiler service. Think of it like an MOT for your car, or a health screening check up – you wouldn’t risk either, especially… There are many reasons to […]

Apprenticeship Success – Installation Engineer


Meet Billy Pett, he is Carbon Saving Group’s first Installation Engineer to complete the Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship Standard. Billy has spent the last four years working within our installation team whilst studying for his apprenticeship at Petroc College. Managing Director, Thomas Read comments, ‘I believe it is important… Meet Billy Pett, he is […]

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